Work With The City Of Rome Not For The City Of Rome

Our DNA is KDSC…The gospel of the kingdom (K) makes disciples (D) who hear and obey, and those disciples engage in their God-given domains of society (S) and from there Jesus powerfully builds his church (C).

We’ve yet to see a church multiplication movement come from disciples making disciples inside their domains in the west, but we are pounding at it as best we can here in Rome and Floyd County.

We believe it is our job to not simply to start churches or start ministries, but to release TRC members to engage their domains that God has strategically placed them in to heal what’s broken and make disciples. This is a primary tactic of our strategy.

In our “DOMAINS” thinking there are four key shifts:

  1. From needs to assets
  2. From programs to domain engagement
  3. From working for the city to working with the city
  4. From managing projects to leading members

Key shift number 3 applies to my purpose for writing this post…We don’t go tell the city what it needs. We join with the city working from within to heal and make Jesus known.

By God’s grace I get to serve Rome/Floyd County as Board Chair for the Division of Family and Children Services. This agency gets negative press much of the time, but does the dirty work many want to simply ignore. These folks work hard, and they do it for the love of serving not because they are getting rich.

We have way more children in care in Rome/Floyd County than we should, and these amazing workers assess need and publish a Christmas list for the kids in care in our city.

As of yesterday, there were 57 children who needed gifts for Christmas. Would you take a look at this list and make sure there are none who fail to feel the Love of Jesus this year?

This goes way beyond Three Rivers Church to everyone who calls on the name of Jesus to do something.

Let’s see what the Lord puts in your heart to do.

Cheerful Givers

May the peace of Jesus the Christ fill your hearts this Christmas.



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