Salt and Light

Jesus told his people to be salt and light. That is we are to be everything good accomplished by salt and light.


By hearing the Spirit (All of the Godhead at work by Holy Spirit) and obeying him.


His word, his counsel by his word, his application of his word as he leads your thinking, his flat-out direction of your steps in obedience to his word etc.

Result? Ruined for anything that does not have the fragrance of biblical fidelity.

I’m not unique to this in history (many have gone before), but the Scriptures have ruined me. The bible has completely made me a stickler for doing things in a bible way. Don’t hear that as me putting “bible way” over the top of my preferences. I mean a properly exegeted, not cultural alone kind of way. My kids play sports, go to public school, watch TV, hunt, play x-box…and I do to. I’m not talking about withdrawal from society stuff. I mean the every essence of God’s kingdom infecting all we do in our engagement of our domains for King and Kingdom.

That’s good, but that also has an edge to it. Why? When things are done contrary to clear teaching, your discernment keeps you from being able to just let it go, and that will get you in trouble sometimes and keep you being able to simply participate in some things.

Sometimes salt has to sting to preserve. Sometimes light has to temporarily blind in order to cause one to see.

Applying the bible to everything as intended will bring life and healing and kick the curse in the teeth. But you have to know it.

Read it. Follow a yearly reading plan. Study it separate from reading. Make yourself learn to obey it. Learn to hear the Spirit whispering through the pages as your pray over the text, pray the text and do so before Jesus when no one is looking. Teach others to do the same (that’s called making disciples and teaching them to obey everything Jesus said).

This will satisfy your soul, make you happy, make your prophetic (that’s the get in trouble part), and make you obey Jesus as you become salt and light. Nothing wrong with that.


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