TRC! Hey, want some really good news on the restoration of one of our own?

One of the reasons it’s wise, as Christians, to go beyond the legal to the biblical concept of uncovering sin and shining the healing light of obedience to Scripture on that sin is that there is never a cause to wonder if all has been done in decency and order. Legal does not always equal ethical. Laws have loopholes, and loopholes provide conveniently dark places for sin to hide as “legal”.

Another trap for sin is our culture’s idea of what is “Christian” and what is not. Our culture whispers the lies that say, hide it, don’t say it, don’t let others know and all will be well….you preserve the person’s whatever. The problem? Jesus does not give us that option. Sin thrives on and grows in darkness. He gave us a clear path to him being put on display as the unifier, healer and restorer and us seeing the miraculous work of the gospel of the kingdom producing fruit…Matthew 18:15-20. Think about it. What is there for the congregation to give Jesus glory for if there was never a problem for him to solve we couldn’t?

We believe God’s word as the inerrant truth for all regardless of their acknowledging it or not, and we’ve had to practice Jesus’ process on occasion.

We have reason to celebrate. Likely, you’ve been seeing Jackson Bishop around church and he’s been in our RL group when he gets to be home from his rather amazing job. If you are coming over from Kingston, you will see Jackson. Our brother, friend and fellow follower of Jesus, Jackson Bishop, has been restored to us. The Spirit did his work as we obeyed his word. Jackson will be playing in the Band on Sunday because there is no probation with God. Repentant and restored is the way.

In the parable of the lost (prodigal) son, Jesus tells us we welcome home the one who was “lost” with a dad gum party…we’ll sing to Jesus with our brother playing in the band. So, will you bring a little extra party feel to your praise tomorrow? You should.

Let’s celebrate what God has done.

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