Wednesday Night What?…

I know lots of you guys who read this are not all TRC members, but I hope you’ll bear with a TRC specific post for a bit.

We exist to disciple the nations for God’s glory. That’s our vision. We say it all the time. Our budget, our work, our effort, our very lives sweat and bleed this vision.

Our mission is to be and produce radical followers of Jesus. Those followers of Jesus live in three relationships: UP / IN / OUT. We walk with Jesus by the Spirit. We walk in covenant with each other. We walk in our world to bring the kingdom of God to bear in all domains of society for healing for people’s salvation.

That’s how we roll. It’s not rocket science. It is completely counter to the culture of consumerism, self-centeredness and coolness. We are not cool. We are not hip. We crazy. We work in hard places. We do hard work in our town. We seek to be committed to the vision and mission. We do “church” in such a way that we have to make disciples because consuming Christians just won’t find a ton to consume with us. We have lots of holes that need filling with people who are on mission with us. We have the kingdom, and that’s about it. But Jesus is enough.

One way we’ve always struggled in the post-Christian south is with the IN. People are busy. People have may obligations. People have many voluntary obligations that are not worth a poop, but they are cultural idols and we perceive we need them, and they invade holy time. Fact.

We don’t want more to do. No one does. As a former educator, I understand the 60 hour work week then “church”. It’s tough. But we’ve found that when the gospel of the kingdom makes disciples who are engaging their domain to heal and proclaim Jesus, he (Jesus) builds his church, and we’ve seen our IN get better.

We sought to do a massive OUT project in addition to our other work in the past two years. We started a second campus. That took our pastors and staff and cut them down the middle. Less leaders and more work. We took a risk, we tried something new, and there were some successes. However, we have discovered we can be more effective together, so with the reintegration of the Kingston Campus to the Unity Campus, we are back to full strength pastorally and in staff leadership. Our room will be full. Another challenge, but a doable one.

So, we are going to launch something we’ve needed for a long time on January 10. We will begin “Wednesday Night Supper”. Dude! What?

Yes, for church wide fellowship and the need to eat supper (we call it supper in the south, not dinner, them’s Yankee words) and the need for growing in the word and love for each other, we will begin having a meal available. From 6-6:30 food will be available in the lunch room, but you will have to sign up ahead of time. No sign up no food. But you can still come and hang out. Pastor Josh will be teaching an Old Testament Survey beginning at 6:30. Childcare will be available and it will be more than childcare….stay tuned.

Students will go to Student ministry stuff at 6:30 (of course they can come eat at 6 too with their family…duh). Marco will lead the time and will have some pizza available each week as well (Jolly boys come from sports and are about to pass from the earth, so food is good for them since they’ll be pulling in on two wheels from basketball and wrestling around 6:20’ish with Gabe driving…help me Jesus!). 

So, there’s some 411. Keep on the look out for further information.

We want to work on our IN. We want you to work on the IN. Get in a RL group, love each other, serve each other, propagate the DNA of KDSC, make disciples, invite people who need Jesus to supper and church, meet them there, introduce them to Jesus…hey, IN led to OUT…I wonder?…Could it be that healthy IN leads to healthy OUT?….

Good days TRC. Good days.

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