TRC Folks Grinding out Obedience

We don’t “toot our own horn” a lot at Three Rivers Church. In fact, chances are you’ve heard of some work or labor in our city and did not know it was TRC or TRC people leading the way. I want to recognize you TRC!

A big shout out to Three Rivers Church. While many people like to Tweet and post on Facebook about their many spiritual accomplishments while, truthfully, doing very little other than building themselves up in a narcissistic ploy, you grind away at engaging your domains.

Yesterday, I posted on our FB membership page a need for us to get together a team to walk in support of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), that Jim and Bonnie Moore so selflessly pour their heart and soul into, and you responded by making it happen. No other church has joined that effort. You did!

We don’t do “ministries” at TRC for people to consume. We teach “domain engagement”, in which we seek to equip our people to engage their “glocal” domains to heal and proclaim the good news of Jesus and his kingdom and release folks to go and obey Jesus, and TRC, you work hard at learning it and doing just that.

The result? Out fellowship is responsible for some of the most community changing, city engaging, life transforming healing in the state of Georgia, and for that matter, in the United States. You don’t know it, but people feel your presence. People know who Jesus is because of that hidden service. I want you to be recognized.

Global Impact…Restoration Rome Restoration Rome


HGUSA Higher Ground USA (Adventure with a Purpose)

Just to mention a few.

These are people who have started and operate their own business/org or organizations started and operated by TRC people or organizations meaningfully affected by TRC people’s involvement.

Three Rivers Church…I love you, and I’m proud of you.

Keep grinding away in the hidden places. Jesus sees and knows, and he’s rewarding your labor with fruit.


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