My Need and God’s Provision

We will be leaving as a team from TRC to go trek in the Himalaya with a brother and serve the people in some outlying villages. Public square, living out our command from Jesus to love God and love neighbor, make disciples, heal what’s broken, etc.

We’ve been doing this kind of work since 2002 in some hard places. The Lord has sent TRC people all over the world to engage their domains for King and kingdom. When we go to serve along side of them and shepherd them, I get to go be pastor/domain engager/ambassador. I love it!

However, what most people see as crazy, risk taking, fearless, go anywhere, do anything preacher is not what is happening on the inside. I’m super aware/discerning of spiritual things…warfare. But I’m also super susceptible to it. It’s like Aslan told Jill Pole in “The Silver Chair”, before he sent her from his country to Narnia, that although she heard, understood and remembered clearly up in his country, it would be harder down in Narnia. She would easily get confused, forget and be tempted to stop reciting the signs. When I’m cruising on easy street, following Jesus is easy. When I prepare to go into dark places, I get “bumfuzzled”. I can’t tell my head from my feet (figuratively). Things I’m never afraid of all of a sudden become fears. Darkness settles in over my soul. I’m super emotive. I’m down. I seem to not be able to pray. My bible reading is not landing.

Once, on the way to the airport alone (learned a lesson, Jesus said to go by 2, so I quite disobeying and going alone), it had been a hard departure for the boys…they were begging me to stay for fear I would get killed and not come home…it was raining hard and extremely dark outside…I pulled over on the side of 278 on the way to the ATL, and prayed for help, and almost turned around to go home.

When in this state, I can’t tell Holy Spirit from a dad gum tree.

I used to just pass this kind of stuff off as me being weak. However, on that trip in which I almost turned around, I had the most overt spiritual warfare I’ve ever encountered…audible demonic attack in words that used to be simply thoughts in my head. And this happened almost the entire trip. God in his grace, did what he promised by Holy Spirit reminding me of truth, helping me tak authority over the demonic, and learning that all that darkness and confusion before leaving was the enemy seeking to thwart the work of the kingdom. I realized at that point that I was not weak, I was being assaulted by the Evil One and I was being a victim not a victor in Christ.

I learned that prayer for the Lord to gain the win over that for me actually works. Imagine that! Asking for Jesus’ stuff, and him giving it. Imagine that!

You know what’s sweet? When warfare flares like that prior to trips,  Jesus has got my back. How? Charismatic women! Women who attend Charismatic fellowships. Awesome!

Without fail, the Spirit prompts a few people without me telling them a single thing, and they begin praying for me. Why? Because I’m a goober and will hardly tell anyone I’m struggling. So, the Lord, being gracious to his son, puts it into the hearts of some ladies who walk in the Spirit to pray for me. How do I know? They either find me providentially and tell me when they “happen across my path” or they seek me out and tell me. Then I understand that the Lord had my back, and was doing good to me. I understand what it means for the Lord to pro-vide…he sees the need before, and makes the way to meet the need at just the rigt time. That makes my trust in Jesus soar!

What of this?

  1. I’m thankful for Charismatic women who follow Jesus.
  2. When I’m battling hard and wonder where the Lord is, he’s working for my good while I’m completely unaware.
  3. I want to walk with the Holy Spirit they way these ladies do. I’m growing in that.
  4. What’s wrong with most of my tribe that we don’t get this?
  5. Without prayer, we often are defenseless victims rather than victorious warriors. God has chosen prayer as a means of advancing the rule of Jesus. When we don’t pray, we fail to do the most productive work we can do.
  6. Pray for me and the team. I/We need you to pray. Don’t let us down. Listen to prompting in your soul and obey. That’s Holy Spirit moving you to action.

I hope this encourages some, and moves some to pray and so partner with us deeply.

If you are one of those people who seek me out, I don’t want to ruin your reward from Jesus by outing you. You know who you are, and your obedience to Jesus will be richly rewarded now and in the kingdom. Thank you for caring to obey the Lord, and loving this old southern baptist Silver Creek boy.

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