Make Your Bed

Self-discipline, hard work, willingness to risk…these are traits that many in the sub-Christian culture need to grow into. Many so called Christians get offended when challenged. Some falsely use Jesus as reason for being soft, slack and lazy. They’d never call their living “soft”, “slack” or “lazy”, but the lack of pursuit of anything meaningful other than their own up-keep, shows no effort toward anything great.

We demand the Jolly boys make their beds every morning. Today, one did a couple didn’t. We made them go do it. Why? It’s how you start the day successfully.

Self-discipline is something anyone can have, but particularly Christians should dominate in. We have the Spirit fruit of self-control, and that should lead to extreme self-discipline. That self-discipline should lead to hard work in engaging their domains for Jesus’ fame.

You want to change the world for Jesus? Start by making your bed.

Here’s one of my favorite men, William H. McRaven, talking about just that.


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