Some Parenting Funny from Gaffigan

Jennifer and I are on the backside of raising 3 boys. Crazy. Parenting is kind of getting easier because we NOW know what we needed to know 16 years ago. Insane how that works. Truthfully, there is plenty out there on parenting as a follower of Jesus, but little on the execution of parenting within the context of the fellowship of the local church. Maybe it’s been written and I don’t know about it. I’d be glad for someone to share. So, over the next little bit, other than Sunday sermon notes, I’ll be sharing a little insight on doing fellowship inside the church with children. We’ve had some bumps along the way, and the reality is most bumps happen because of how some parents manage their kids or fail to manage their kids.

So, let’s kick if off with a little funny.

Enter Jim Gaffigan.

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