“Conservative” Does Not Equal Christian

I can already tell that I’m going to get blasted for this one by title alone without anyone actually reading and listening. So, a few clarifiers:

  1. I am bible believing, follower of Jesus Christ who believes every word of Scripture and efforts hard at understanding and applying every word of Scripture at home, in private, in public, in other countries and in our church.
  2. My political leanings are mostly what people would title “conservative”. I’m pro-life, staunchly pro-life, from the unborn to the refugee…yes even the refugee. I’m PRO-LIFE. I’m for the government staying out of my business and yours. Ole Andrew Jackson sent my people off our land and west when he broke the treaty and stole our land…see the article linked here Chief John Jolly So, we’ve never been super “trusting” of big brother. I’m for abolishing the IRS and instituting the Fair Tax. I think those things are good and right regardless of the title “conservative” attached to them. I prefer the title “better options than current reality” than the title “conservative”, but that’s what we’ve been given.
  3. I don’t believe pure democracy is the best option for the rest of the world. Monarchy is a good form of government, and a case can be made that it’s a more biblical form of government than a representative government. An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as much as a king, and currently do, and we keep electing them. So, there’s that…
  4. Didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary…voted another candidate that didn’t make me cringe when I thought of them or feel like I needed to bathe.
  5. I like W…so, you know, get some…

My point, don’t accuse me of being a bleeding heart liberal.

You can accuse me of being a follower of Jesus who believes in and practices judging all terminology and it’s meaning by the Bible.

So, here’s my critique: Conservative DOES NOT EQUAL Christian.

Way too many supposed Christians equate the Christian position with the so-called “conservative” position. One problem…how is it that around the country and around the world legitimate, outspoken, bible believing people hold positions opposite of a conservative? The answer to that question is very nuanced and can’t be fully tackled in one blog post. But the reality is that real followers of Jesus hold differing political opinions on various things and use Scripture for their basis.

Stephen Colbert, who you may like or not like, would be considered “liberal” by some, but has offered more apologetic on air for the historical and biblical Jesus to atheist friends in overt evangelism than a Bill O’Reilly ever has. Bill has actually been sexually harassing women at his news channel. But Bill is the Conservative, right? Didn’t he write a book about Jesus? That makes him the Christian’s choice, right?

Here is what happens at the “conservative” and “Christian” news channel:


Here is Colbert doing some apologetics with Ricky Gervais:

Here’s my point, with all that is happening at the Fox News, maybe Christians should become more discerning on what line it believes coming from the entertainment industry about what is the “Christian” version of anything.

Maybe Christians need to begin getting their worldview on politics, entertainment and other things from the Bible itself and then evaluate everything else by that standard rather than evaluate people and systems by a news channel.

Truthfully, there is very little slanted news. One has to pick through the slant to actually get information or listen to CNN then Fox then divide by 2 to get the actual facts.

Please, dear Christian, whatever you do, don’t confuse conservatism, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Green as Christian. Bible is Christian. Work that out with fear and trembling and maybe we will stop being sons/daughters of the world and begin acting like sons/daughters of God.

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