Friday 5

Good Friday to you!

I met with a great friend and former boss today, Glenn Getchell, and he tossed out an idea as we were brainstorming some things and I’m not sure if he said it exactly like “Friday 5” but some idea on content for writing. However he said it, I latched onto “Friday 5” as an opportunity to share 5 insights/lessons/things worth considering as a work week ending post. I do not fully intend to work these thoughts out to conclusion here. So, feel free to respond and dialogue. But I’ll try to be as honest with my thinking as I can be. So….without further delay, here is our first “Friday 5”.

1. It is not in any way unchristian to apply business savvy to life, ministry and passionate pursuits. 

It is sad, but often ministries and non-profits etc. operate as though business insight does not count when it comes to them.

Faith budgeting is the worse. Presuming upon God he is going to give the amount we project as opposed to giving according to a growth trend or simply the same as last year.

It is not unchristian to plan on spending less than one takes in and saving the rest for a “rainy day”.

Leadership development, communication, etc. are other examples we can learn from other domains of society how to be better. Just a thought.

2. Business savvy does not define how the kingdom of God works. 

I know, it sounds like I just contradicted myself. I did not. I juxtaposed two contrasting ideas.

We should use business savvy. But we must be aware that Scripture teaches us that the kingdom is opposite of how the world system works. We have to keep in mind that business in and of itself is not “worldly”. The world system can abuse business, but sound operation of a company or organization is built upon created realities that God founded. However, the kingdom is supernatural and often can transcend business savvy.

3. We have to keep 1 and 2 in tension and seek to obey Scripture as faithfully as we can.

Be business wise, but we faithful to the mission and the kingdom if business principle should tempt us to depart.

This requires some discernment, teamwork and trial and error. It’s rare that things work cleanly one way or the other. Keep that in mind.

4. God providentially works rights from wrongs

This week has seen some crazy examples of God weaving together our decision-making with his sovereign purposes to bring about good and sometimes difficult outcomes. Nothing specific that I have permission to share, but I’m continually astounded at how God weaves together all things to bring about his glory and our good.

This was an opportunity to bring that to the attention of my sons as we drove to school this morning. I want them to see that every day, while we are just going about the day trying to do what is right and even when we don’t that Father is at work. I want them to see the wonder and awe of the magical world we live in and Father’s working it for good.

I reminded my boys that we don’t want to be free of God’s good sovereignty. I’d mess it up. I’ll take his working my working and effort to good ends in Christ all day long and twice on Sunday. I can’t pull off being outside of God’s decrees for my good.

5. Always do right and leave outcomes to God

I have one kid that, due to being super popular in his class, he gets pulled into drama almost daily. Often the end of the thing is it looks like he’s been part of it. Sometimes he becomes part of it as he’s trying to solve problems of others and then, as a 12-year-old, does not know how to separate himself from the drama. Basically, we’ve told him to back off, take it to the authorities in charge, don’t take sides, just do as requested by authorities, back off and be in the background. Just do what is right in obeying instructions and let outcomes be up to God.

That’s simple sounding as I write it, but it’s hard when one is in the fray. Psalm 37:3 says, “Trust in the LORD, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.” So it’s best to be faithful and trust the Lord to work out the good.

Muse away or throw away, but maybe the “Friday 5” will help you sharpen your focus on the Kingdom of God and help you run the race well.

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