Tomorrow is “Sanctity of Human Life” Sunday. This is a day set aside to remember that God creates life, stamps human beings in his image and that all life is precious…all life. The unborn, the refugee, the innocent who suffer at the hands of the evil. Human life is precious.

In other countries, the curse of the fall is executed with vengeance in a multitude of ways like ethnic cleansing, constant war to gain power and killing those who threaten that power, disease and the like.

Within our borders, the curse of the fall is executed from the racist agenda of Margaret Sanger’s worldview fueled by eugenics and legalized in the abortion industry.

Here is a video to highlight the sanctity of life that we’ll just leave up for the weekend in place of any sermon notes on Sunday.

Thank you to some of my favorite artists…Propaganda, Sho Baraka and Jackie Hill Perry for this amazing video. Thank you for your work!

Humble Beast Records

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