21 Days of Connection

I’m excited to present an opportunity to TRC folks and others who partner with us around the world to join with other followers of Jesus in Rome/Floyd County as we partner to seek the Lord together in prayer and fasting for the purpose of growing as followers of Jesus Christ.

Prayer and fasting are disciplines that are taught in the Scripture for the purpose of talking to and hearing from God as well as humbling ourselves as individuals in community under the banner of the Kingdom of God to obey God and destroy things that hinder us from seeking the Kingdom first (See Isaiah 58, Matthew 6, Acts 13).

This is even more vital when we join with others from various churches in our town and partners from around the world. I would like to give a huge “Thank You!” to my friend Jarrod Roberts from West Rome Baptist Church for leading out in this and gathering churches from our city to participate. I’m thankful for Jarrod and his friendship.

Therefore, I’m inviting anyone so moved to join us January 15th-February 5th (21 days) in seeking to strengthen our discipleship in focusing on meeting with and keeping connection to the Father.

Stated Purpose: to help people, in our churches and our community, connect with God through 21 days of prayer and fasting.

21 Days of Connection

There will opportunity to meet every day at noon until 1 in a central location to pray together as you are able to. We’ll give you more on that later.

There are three ways you can “fast” and we recommend any one of these three to you:

  1. Daniel Fast – basically this is food produced only from seeds (vegetables/fruits and water)
  2. Three Things Fast – this is where you select 1) a technology (example: Facebook) 2. a food/drink (coffee/coke/sugar) 3. Something else vital to you that you may need to break some dependence on in order to focus more on the gospel of the kingdom
  3. Full Fast – this is basically either a water only or juice only fast

You participate however your conscience dictates as led by the Holy Spirit.

As you participate it is important to remember a few items:

  1. It’s ok to fast together and do so with full knowledge that you are fasting (Acts 13:1-3), but it’s not ok to fast for the purpose of people thinking you are spiritual (Matthew 6). So, join with your church and friends but do so to seek God not to be thought spiritual. Also, don’t let fear that you will fail or fall into Matthew 6 failing keep you from attempting this. Be smart, obey the Word, don’t be foolish and seek the Kingdom. Come on!
  2. Make sure you keep taking any meds you are required to take, and if you cannot fast from food or drinks for dietary or healthy concerns, then don’t. Find something that won’t kill you to do without and leave it off for a few days.
  3. Join with folks for prayer as you can at noon (location to be determined). Pray, leave as you are compelled and all will wrap up by 1. Folks have to get back to work, you know.
  4. Come to worship on Sunday expectant. As you are praying and fasting, come to worship expecting the Lord to move as he did in Acts 13. He does speak, the Kingdom is powerful, and we desperately need to see and know this.
  5. Pray for your church to be a witness to Jesus well, that we would love each other, love our enemies as ourselves.
  6. Pray for God’s name to be made great.
  7. Pray for the Kingdom to come in power and that God’s will would be done on earth as in heaven.
  8. Pray for Restoration Rome and the continued effort to make a difference in foster care and adoption in NW Georgia.
  9. Pray for our people and our country that we work among overseas.
  10. Pray for all of TRC’s global partners.
  11. Pray that we would continue to multiply churches and campuses and reach Rome/Floyd County and surrounding cities as God would give us church planters.

Do you think he may answer? I do. Let’s seek the kingdom like this together! I triple dog dare you…yes, we went there.


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