Sermon at Red Oak Church June 26

Happy Independence Day to you! Hey, I had the honor of preaching at a partner church of good friends and like-minded folks at Red Oak Church in Andrews, NC on June 26th.

The passage Red Oak was studying through that night was James 5:1-6, so I had the honor of preaching one of the hardest passages I’ve ever had to preach, and it wrecked my own soul for the better. The Word has much to say about riches, love of riches, where our treasure is, etc.

The passage all about warning folks to flee from the love of riches. The LOVE OF RICHES.

Listen to the audio below and my notes are also available at the link below as well as on this blog.

I hope this does you as much good as it did me to prepare for and deliver it. To be free of the love of riches is to be free from one of the greatest tyrannies of the curse.

Grace and peace to you!

Run From the Love of Riches


  1. Sermons don’t get any better. Boy do I need to get rid of stuff. Have Prayed ,am Praying will Continue to pray for Turkey trip. Has everyone covered expenses For Turkey trip ? Not being nosey just have a concern.

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    1. Russ, thanks man. We could always use a few extra funds to make sure team members have all the supplies they need. Travel covered. Folks giving up time, income etc. love to hale them cover expenses incurred in all it takes to go.


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