Lift Your Head Weary Sinner

I really enjoy this song for two reasons:

1. It speaks to me. I was a weary sinner when Jesus called me to himself and transformed in into a new creation in an instant. It reminds me of the call of the gospel to those wrecked by the fall. It reminds me to hold out the message for all who would believe.

2. It combines two styles of music I love. Ever since I can remember I have loved hip/hop, rap, ethnically different music of any kind. That genre of music comes with an energy and passion and “not quite sure what to call it” that I simply love. At an event we recently held at Restoration Rome, some little guys from the neighborhood were hanging out and hanging with our worship leader, Adam, singing and playing his guitar when one of the little guys whipped out some Easy E, NWA, Boys in the Hood and I was drawn back to some of my earliest music that I loved (Don’t judge me).

Not sure how one could classify Crowder, but I love how he plays music. It’s not that it’s Christian. It’s the passion, the energy the sound, the genre, etc.

Put the genres, the energy, the passion and the content together in this video is one of my all time favorites.


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