We Have Some Hard Work To Do

In light of the failure of Georgia’s Governor to uphold the “Religious Liberty” bill I believe its necessary to have folks begin to dig out the real challenges surrounding this issue.

This is is NO WAY a slam against anyone wrestling with or completely at peace with their same sex sexual orientation. I have great compassion for those who struggle with it. I have a desire to love rightly those who are convinced their same sex attraction is normal and should be given in to. I don’t hate anyone. I want to love everyone rightly.

The desire to love folks does not in any way mean that I or anyone should cave on our deeply held convictions on what is true and what is not.

If one simply evaluates this issue based on the language of the culture surrounding same sex issues, the conclusion is that this is a civil rights issue, and this gets to the core of my problem with it all. No doubt, there are residual issues that are bothersome and deserve attention, but the core of my frustration is the unquestioned assumption that sexual orientation and race are equal issues. Really? A failure to protect religious organizations including Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Christians from legal action for not performing weddings or granting the use of their facilities to same sex functions CANNOT EVER BE EQUATED with the sinful failure of white establishment to grant equal access to equal humans due to skin color. We have to be prepared to make a compelling argument here.

It is simply assumed now that gay equals black.

As a white man, I can’t pitch a fit about this like I want to. I have no authority or experience in personal and systematic oppression of white privilege.  Having a black son, I have learned some hard lessons and had my rose colored glasses ripped off my noggin regarding how black men and women and children have to function and the classy way they handle such trash. I’m not that classy. I want to fight, and have had to be restrained a couple of times. But I digress.

This is wrong on so many levels (equating same sex issues to race), but I’m a white man and I’m offended for my black brothers in the faith. I’m not sure why there is not a systematic outcry against the equating sexual orientation to race. I don’t need to go into it all right now, but folks need to be offended on this one. I know Voddie Baucham has shouted this from the roof top with great thought and articulation, but not many others have that I’m aware of, and I may be wrong. I had the honor of sharing dinner with Voddie as he spoke at an even we were holding and hearing him articulate this position some 6 years ago. All he said has come to fruition.

I’m going to post two videos. The first one you are going to have to work to finish it. It’s not “embedable” so you’ll need to click the link to go to the website. If it doesn’t work properly, just let me know and I’ll try to repost. You won’t agree with it. See if you can pick out the problems and presuppositions. Don’t condemn, just critique the argument. The second video, you will agree with. It is posted in the blog post and you can watch it from the post. You can search on YouTube for more from Voddie. There are longer and more detailed talks. He has done his homework, and as a black man, he can speak with authority on the issue. Note how our culture has already assumed sexual orientation and race are equal issues and anyone disagreeing is placed into the category of 1960’s racist. This is not good.

Dear Christian, we have much work to do to be truthful and winsome here. We can’t be jerks and we can’t capitulate. Some things we can hyperbolize and use sarcasm to address. I’m not sure we can do that with this issue. We must love and welcome and hold forth truth in a genial, winsome and approachable way. But lets go to work on thinking deeply, evaluating well and speaking informed about what lies before us.

May the Spirit teach and empower his people in his Kingdom for the glory of Jesus, the rescue of sinners and our joy in him.


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  1. My problem is that Deal let Georgia be bullied by the threats of big money now those who support bill should contact these bullies to take their business and events elsewhere because the voters are now boycotting them. Then maybe the leaders will do the will of the voters rather than than thug threats. By the way , I don’t have an opinion on this bill itself because regardless of what the laws are I don’t have religious freedom or rights I have commandments .


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