Acts 16:6-40: TRC Kingston Road Campus Commissioning

TRC Kingston Road Campus Commissioning

Acts 16:6-40 Lessons From The Planting of the Church at Philippi

Lessons from the Planting of the Church at Philippi

Jesus is sovereign over when and where his church gets planted 16:6-10

1. Holy Spirit repels some of our efforts. v. 6

2. Holy Spirit sometimes forms a continual blockade of our efforts. v. 7

3. Holy Spirit repels and blocks because he has a plan. v. 9-10

4. We should not fail to move toward the vision due to being repelled or in fear of being repelled, we move to discover the way.

5. Holy Spirit will move us to the right place and right time through his intervening leading in our vision inspired efforts to make Jesus’ name great.

Kingdom work is not always nice, neat and efficient. It’s great when it is, but its often not.

How many times did we try to find a location or partner for this new campus that failed or we just got repelled?

There were even emails sent from willing partners that got sent to the wrong “mitch” that may have opened the door for another location, but that is not where the Lord wanted this new campus. So, he repelled even emails in order to open up the location we are at now.

It is about as clear as can be that the Lord wants this campus where it is at this time now!

1. We are to move in obedience to the Scriptures and the vision of the Great Commission and trust the Lord to make the work land in right time.

2. This requires initiative to move.

3. This requires faith to keep going.

4. This requires the willingness to fail and not let that crush you.

5. This requires you to be a high capacity worker.

6. This requires discernment and training in the Word to know the Lord’s ways of dealing with his people.

Jesus will save unlikely people when he establishes the community of the kingdom 16:11-15

1. They were in the city “some days” before movement took place, so work and trust the Lord’s timing. v. 12

Adoniram Judson was 7 years into is work before someone believed the gospel.

We’ve been 13 years into hard sledding in our people group and are just beginning to taste widespread fruit.

2. Don’t overlook the easy to overlook v. 13-14

It’s as ok to seek after those who are hungry, wandering and “God fearing” as the hardened sinner who wants nothing to do with Jesus. 

This is very much the story of TRC. Many of Rome/Floyd County are exposed to the church/Jesus/Christianity yet not transformed by the gospel. They are the “exile”. There are two kinds of “exiles”. 1. They are a typical post-Christian person who assumes the faith without ever being birthed into the faith. 2. They are a Christian wandering from the moorings of the faith due to a lack of sound communities of the Kingdom (church).

We want the hardened sinner to repent and believe the gospel. But we also want to be attractive to those who may actually come to a church where they will be exposed to the powerful gospel, thriving Kingdom community and the work of the Spirit.

Many get birthed into he Kingdom as they come in and regeneration happens, they understand and realized they just believed the gospel.


3. Preach the gospel!!! v. 14-15

“The Lord opened her heart to pay attention to what was said by Paul.”

4. Understand the Spirit regenerates. Watch for that and receive the fruit. v. 14

“The Lord opened her heart…”

Live a culture of evangelism where everyone plays a part.

Gain an eye for the regenerating work of the Spirit.

Invite people into RL groups with you.

Quickly integrate folks into the community of the Kingdom.

You will encounter (have already encountered) spiritual warfare and external opposition for doing good 16:16-24

Anytime the gospel impeded the economic prosperity of evil, that evil’s adherents will pitch a royal fit. Count on it.

If you take on the kingdom of darkness don’t expect it to be roses and sunshine.

1. Remember you wrestle not against flesh and blood Ephesians 6:12

We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but the flesh and blood subservient to evil will fight against you.

2. You will do good out of good intentions and fruitful ministry and get slapped in the face for it v. 16-19

3. If you do the work of the Kingdom you will be accused of things that cut you to your heart v. 20-21

4. You will be mistreated v. 22-24

Jesus will redeem the circumstances he puts you in 16:24-40

1. Just as Holy Spirit led the team to Philippi, he also led them to the stocks v. 24

He led Jesus into the season of temptation and he will lead you into seasons of difficulty for your good and his glory.

2. Give praise and thanks when you are in the stocks not just when you are flying hight v. 25

3. Expect the Lord to be your deliverer v. 26

4. Always do what is right v. 27-28

5. Your hard times are often gospel witness to those who didn’t get to see the suffering of Jesus in person v. 29-30

Be a church that knows how to praise and that will lead to a church who knows how to be a community of worshippers and that will lead to powerful witness

Paul and Silas take their imprisonment as a chance to praise the Lord, putting on display their lifestyle of worship and that led to powerful and transforming witness. 

Psalm 147:1 “Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God; for it is pleasant, and a song of praise is fitting.”

Worship is a lifestyle of being a living sacrifice (Romans 11:1-2).

Praise is the active and vocal recounting the excellencies of the Lord, and we are commanded to do such. There is powerful and prophetic activity that happens when we praise and speak the word of the Lord in song and in Spirit gifting that causes hearts to be disclosed, people repenting and believing the gospel and recognizing the presence of God (see 1 Corinthians 14:24-25).

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