Commissioning Service / RK Unity Campus

Good Morning! With growth comes a stewardship responsibility. To whom much is given much is required, said the Lord Jesus. We have been given much in the way of people, resources and adequate local/global (glocal) vision, so we take the stewardship of those things seriously. So we want to make you aware of two opportunities to give thanks to the Lord and celebrate together over that stewardship.

This Sunday we commission a new TRC campus. It’s going to be a great day. Be here, and be early.

Also, we will be adding a new / old Radical Kids Director to our ministry staff. Ben has done a fantastic job in overseeing the work on TWO campuses. That is a Herculean task. Ben has done it and put us in a position to succeed. Ben has done it well. However, that is too much work for one person. So, Brittany Hayes will be taking on the role of RK Director, Unity Campus while Ben is the RK Director, Kingston Road Campus. Our children are vital and we don’t want to take that work for granted, so we have added the proper and adequate workers to keep us our standards and to be good stewards of the children Father has given us.

Here is a quick, not professional, done in my office, by a non-video making guy (me) about these two things. Basically a video saying what I just wrote!

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