New TRC Campus

Yesterday was a banner day at Three Rivers Church. We sent out some of our best to begin the process of launching a second Three Rivers Church campus. As we acknowledged that fact Sunday, noting the missing faces of people we love and care for and are covenanted with were not there, there was a bit of exuberance and joy from the church at the growth and multiplication of our fellowship.

This core group of people met in home, worshiped, learned, planned and prepared for launch day in the weeks ahead.

What is this new TRC campus for?

  1. Obedience – The Lord has multiplied our pastoral staff with Acts 13 type men and the Lord’s plan was to send them out.
  2. Faithful to gifting – The Lord has gifted this group of pastors with certain gifts that make sense of starting a new TRC campus rather than an independent church (son of TRC). We want to be faithful with how the Spirit has gifted each leader and not expect them to be what they are not. Rather, we celebrate Spirit’s gifting by operating in it with unity in a diversity of gifts.
  3. Need for room – We are simply out of space. We need room to continue to facilitate the growth Father is bringing. The most effective way was to start another TRC campus with it’s own set of TRC pastors overseeing that campus.
  4. One church two locations – We are one church with one pastoral staff that has a presence on both campuses. Pastors from our UCS campus will be attending services some morning and pastors from the new campus will be attending the UCS campus some mornings. I’ll be preaching at the new campus some and Josh will be preaching at the UCS campus some.
  5. One vision/one message – The pastors at each campus will be preaching from the Scriptures on the same texts on the same weeks. We share our vision “For the glory of God we will disciple the nations by being and producing radical followers of Jesus”. Everything is the same. It’s just in a different location.
  6. More men being raised up – Already, we have new young men who have expressed the 1 Timothy 3:1-7 noble desire to shepherd the people of God. So, we bring them in, mentor them, include them, test them and prepare them to shepherd the people of God. When they are ready we’ll either give them full duty or plant a church with them or start another TRC campus in Rome. The Spirit will determine that. We simply need to hear and obey. Follow me, Jesus said, and I’ll make you fishers of men. Jesus leads and we follow and he makes us what we are for his glory and our joy.

How exciting to be part of the Kingdom of Jesus in Rome, GA. TRC, give thanks to the Father for his great work in our start 13 years ago, his sustaining us and his growing us and his global impact through us!

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