A Litte Monday Morning Musing…Hear and Do…

Jesus said that those who hear these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on a rock. The man who hears and does not do will be like an unwise man who build his house on the sand. When challenges arise to beat on the structure of one’s life, what it has been founded on will be why it stands.

I could hear these words echoing in my ears as I was driving my boys to school today. I always make it my aim to pray for Kingdom things for my boys as I drive them to school.

PLEASE HEAR WHAT I’M ABOUT TO SAY AND DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME. In spite of what I just wrote in all caps, I can already see the email complaint. Oh well, suck it up. I was an educator in a Christian school for 9 years. My boys have only known private Christian school. The purpose here is not to debate why private, private Christians, public, homeschool. EACH ONE HAS IT’S PROBLEMS. EVEN HOMESCHOOLING. SO DON’T GIVE ME ANY JUNK ABOUT WHY ONE IS SUPERIOR. THEY ALL FULL OF SINNERS AND HYPOCRITES AND WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.

Our school is amazing and I’d put our academics against anybody and we’d win. Our spiritual development is tops. However, I’ve watched men and women rebel mightily against the truth of the Kingdom while at our school and even after they graduate. Private Christian school is no magic bullet. Private school is no magic bullet. Homeschool is no magic bullet. I’ve known homeschool kids to come off the dang chain when they leave the heavy thumb of their parents. I’ve known public school students to turn the world upside down for the Kingdom.

Here is what I prayed for my boys this morning, and I’d ask this for all who want to follow Jesus: Father, don’t let my boys take the Kingdom for granted and please don’t let them assume the faith. May they hear and do what you say. May their identity be known not by what exits their mouth but by their sonship through adoption as your sons and the Kingdom fruit they produce.

The post-Christian south is loaded with people who say words that sound “Christian” but they do not do what Jesus said. As a matter of fact, it’s the “Christian” that makes me want to leave “Christian” school altogether some days. Lip service to the Kingdom is useless. Jesus said that on the day of his reckoning there will be people who call him Lord but did not do what he said and Jesus will tell them to depart from him.

I fear my boys taking the metanarrative of the gospel for granted. I fear my boys being inoculated against Kingdom language (I use some psychology to counteract that in that I’m quite salty and do some crazy things globally and allow my boys access to “things” most “Christians” would be appalled at so that they see, smell, taste and know what we are up against). I fear the influence of the ethos of Rome, Georgia on my boys. I’m taking them to my favorite country as soon as I can raise the money to take them specifically so they can see a non-Christian world and enjoy the shock of the real world and their need to fill the domains they were created to fill, bring the healing of the Kingdom to that domain and make disciples and see the church explode in that domain. Is that dangerous? Yes. Why is letting them rot in a pseudo-Christian bubble any less dangerous? Do you believe Matthew 10:26-33?

Don’t assume the faith. Don’t take a Kingdom view of all things for granted. Ask, seek and knock. Go and do. Hear and obey. Just don’t assume the faith.

A little Monday morning musing.

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