Christian Responses to Atrocities

Historically, Christians have had to make decisions on social issues and their level of activism. Sometimes we’ve done well. Sometimes we have not done so well. Two times in which we did not do so well are slavery and the Nazi regime in Germany. I’m sure there are more examples, but these two come to mind first.

Slavery was justified using Scripture. No doubt the Scriptures were misused and abused. With deconstruction as a worldview one can make anything mean whatever they want it to mean. But William Wilberforce used his life for the abolition of slavery in the British Empire fighting against the ingrained socially accepted practice. He won that battle at the end of his life. But it took a lifetime to win.

The Lutheran Church of Germany capitulated to the Nazis and the Confessing Church sought to stand up to the Nazis. No doubt Hitler used the church to his advantage and those who were against his evil system were sought out and destroyed, including Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Confessing Church pastor, who was also part of the Abwher, who sought the assassination of Hitler.

In both instances there were Christians who were on the right side of history and those who were not. Some sought silence on issues because they were afraid. Some were silent because they just didn’t want to rock the boat. Some were silent because they were socially Christian and not transformed by the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

A minority fought and fought and died and fought and died and gave up their reputation and lost their fortunes to stand for what was right. They did not love their own lives even unto death.

It seems Satan’s tactics are to wind an issue so tightly around straw men woven inside social assumptions so as to deceive even the elect. Once such issue in our day is the for profit industry of abortion.

If the abortion industry were so noble, why are qualified doctors not doing it pro bono? Why do organizations like Planned Parenthood need our tax dollars to work? Can’t they simply survive off of private donations? No. Why? Because the majority of their clients are people who can’t fund them. So, they weave the genocidal practice of murdering babies into the straw man of “choice”. They insult the intelligence of women with the suggestion that they can’t control their sexuality so they need to be free to “choose” or to practice “safe sex”. Never mind the idea that they could choose to NOT have sex or that sex is only safe if had with one spouse for life because sex is spiritual as much, if not more, than physical.

And yet many Christians stay silent on the issue because of “love” or “showing grace” or fear of loosing their social standing or whatever reason (hard not to use some colorful language here).

Let me be clear. If it’s human and we allow it to be killed it’s murder. Humans make humans. It’s the law of biogenesis. When that murder happens to come from minority populations as the majority of murders its called genocide. When it’s funded by our tax dollars its called government-funded genocide. It’s slavery disguised as “choice”.

It’s not love or grace to be silent on this issue. It’s cowardice.

However, dear Christians, it’s also cowardice to not be lining up to take the babies as foster and adoptive homes.

How will history judge us Christians for our response to this issue. I do not want to be looked back on as not doing what is right. I want to be on the side of stamping out evil even if I go over a line. I want to stomp a mud hole in evil’s back side.

I’d rather reign in stallions that have to stick a prod up the back side of a nag. I’d rather cross a line of boldness on the right side than never cross any line on the wrong side and be considered not a man.

Stand up. Make your voice heard. Refuse to vote for any candidate that does not abolish the practice. Foster children. Adopt children. But don’t be silent and don’t do nothing.

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