James’ House

James 1:27 is clear. And even clearer is the fact that 1:27 comes after James says to be doers and not hearers of the word only.

Father cares about those who can’t care for themselves. Historically, the community of the kingdom has been the vehicle by which these social ills were cured because of the love and compassion that is produced by new creations in community caring for those who can’t care for themselves.

Matthew 25:44-45 reminds us that the Lord counts as service to him service done to those who are in need. It’s clear that those who serve the Lord are his. Those who don’t serve are sent to eternal punishment. So, the heartless and service-less “Christian” is one in name only not in substance.

We at Three Rivers Community Church care deeply about the foster care crisis in northwest Georgia. Many of us have sought to be part of the solution by taking children into our homes through fostering and some of us through adoption. Many serve in the much-needed support roles for foster parents and adoptive parents. But the volume of need is greatest in northwest Georgia, and in particular, our county of Floyd. Why? Too many factors are in play to write about it here, but the need remains. So, what are we to do?

The solution is found in partnerships between faith-based entities, state and local governments and other like-minded partners applying known solution and creative solutions to the problem.

One of the great needs to be filled is a place for a child to land when they are taken into care. See, there are just not enough beds available. So, when a child gets taken into care in Floyd, they may be placed many miles away from their school and familiar surroundings until permanent beds are found. Imagine the trauma of being taken away into the care of the state. Then imagine being taken into the care of the state then shipped a couple of hundred miles away. That’s what happens here in Floyd County. There just are not enough foster homes.

The solution is more foster homes. But until there are enough homes, this will continue. If each church in Floyd County selected one family to foster and mobilized the church to surround them with resources, we would make a significant dent in the challenge of Floyd County. Be we don’t have that.

So, what is TRCC doing? We are seeking to operate a home in Floyd County that will take children as soon as they come into care for the purpose of helping them get stable inside their own county while permanent options are found for either fostering or adopting. We will partner with parents from our church that will live in the home and serve the needs of 6 children. Why 6? This is the greatest number allowed without becoming a group home. So, our family will serve 6 children at a time until they are either placed in a stable situation or adopted. We would challenge other churches to join us in employing this model. We are working with www.promise686.org and Murphy Harpst to serve the children of northwest Georgia.

The name of our home is James’ House.

Would you join us in helping fund this home? Would you join us in challenging your church to learn how to use this model? Would you help us by telling others and raising awareness? Go here to help us fund James’ House: http://www.gofundme.com/y4kxb4

We are far from experts, but we are not content to ignore the problem and our mandate from James 1:27. Help us make a difference.

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