Creflo Dollar and $60 Million

With the recent news that Creflo Dollar has launched a campaign to raise 60 million dollars in order to purchase a Gulf Stream jet to get he and his team around in, I have become even more aware of the deadly disease in the western church of greed. I get that they want this nice jet for their “ministry”, but there are more cost-effective methods of global travel to hard places. We do it. I really don’t care if there are some decent reasons a pastor may need a new Gulf Stream purchased by donated funds, it’s dumb and the public perception is correct that this is crazy. Hey, if you buy the jet with money you earned doing honest work, then get it and enjoy it. But that’s not what this is.

Dear Creflo, please, don’t use the argument that people are just opposing the Lord’s work when they question this. This is not the Lord’s work. It’s your work and greed that you are seeking to put a Christian t-shirt on. Just call it what it is. I’m not sure you’ll read this, but here’s my rant and a few pointers for you:

1. If you need a consumer fix, fly Delta around the world, I do, and accumulate SkyMiles and get yourself a free flight now and then or even upgraded to business or first class or pick up some Beats by Dre in the SkyMile’s store. I’d like some of those, but I’m saving my SkyMiles for something real nice. Lecrae and Trip Lee sounds good on Beats.

2. If you were going to raise 65 million dollars, how about do it for poverty, orphans, foster care or the homeless in the Atalanta area rather than your own private plane. You moron.

3. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Did I say that out loud?

4. Dude, you got sports talk radio hosts making fun of you, not because of the gospel, but because you are a moron. Even Mike Bell was wondering what you are doing on Dukes and Bell yesterday. Thanks for having some discernment, Mike. By the way, love you and Carl on the Radio. Great show. Chill, the Falcons will be ok.

5. How about plant some churches who engage the globe and seek to bring the healing of the kingdom to global issues such as the slave trade, HIV, fair trade, sex trafficking or something that actually brings some healing from the curse of the fall.

6. How about fund the Atlanta food bank from now until the Lord returns with some of that money you raise?

7. How about raise some money and give it to organizations who are engaging globally in a responsible fashion not spending unnecessary funds on frills?

The bottom line is that you are a disgrace to the community of those who call themselves followers of Jesus. You make the King and all of us who care look bad.

So, there.

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