One’s Worldview

I get that the word “worldview” is growing old and that there are other words quickly to eclipse this word, but until I find a better word, this is the word I’ll use. Worldview. What is it? It is simply the way one looks at and interprets the world around them. It is their framework for making decisions. It is like one’s vision corrective methods (glasses, contacts, surgery, etc.)

Everyone has a worldview. Everyone’s worldview is colored with some interpretive framework. The question for us is: what colors my interpretive framework?

How do we respond to people of other ethnicities? As a Christian, this issue must be faced up and dealt with. I would argue that the hard questions and the difficult conversations and the sticky situations can only be properly dealt with inside the Christian worldview not necessarily how some Christians respond to it.

Part of the challenge for us is growing into God’s view of things. Since the fall we have a skewed view of reality. We need to view all things from God’s perspective. That will be how we grow into a truly Christian worldview.

Begin by reading your bible.

Next, practice what your bible says.

Fight against the miry bog of not acting on what is written.




Repeat process.

Let’s start off right.

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