Rethinking College

With the global work of the gospel in play, many are cutting their ability to be globally relevant off by incurring massive amounts of debt to get a degree that can’t perform up to the level of paying off the loan. The reality is colleges and universities won’t get their fees under control until we stop paying for it. Students from technical schools will make more than students from liberal arts colleges and pay very little in comparison for their training and be more useful globally.

Here is a great 12 minute video I hope parents and future college students will watch. This is a vital issue for Christians to consider when thinking about education after high school.

1 Trillion Dollarshttp://

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  1. Agreed, now how to make folks think about this. I believe college is thought of by some as a status symbol . I don’t think they want to give that symbol up. So they die in debt ? What happened to initiative, creativity and the honest desire to be responsible for oneself ?



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