I’m in the strange in-between world that is kind of like being awakened and working through the fogginess until one can think and see clearly. It’s a process. Being a Caucasian / Native American guy that looks more Caucasian than Native I am part of the majority. Having adopted an African-American son I have been getting my eyes opened to another world that exists under my nose. If you are not AA, you can’t see it or experience it unless you are connected to it.

I never noticed it until I was encouraged to leave certain places because my son was AA. Of course my initial response is to go to war physically and beat the hell out of somebody. Yeah, I know, some are offended I said hell, but until it happens to you, you may not get it. It’s called being a man.

By Father’s good providence I have had the honor of getting to know and love some African-American men as my friends and brothers in Christ. My eyes continue to open. I don’t expect everyone to get what I’m saying, but I do expect Christians to say and act like Christians not Republican, Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives. I expect Christians to act as though they are citizens of a higher kingdom with the King, Jesus, ruling them.

In light of the hell breaking loose in Ferguson and in other places, I thought Darrin Patrick’s advice on Ferguson was well said and to the point.

Please read it and think on it. Please don’t contribute to the problem by ignoring it, or picking dark sides rather than being on Jesus’ side of healing, reconciliation, love and unity in the Kingdom.

Finish bringing all things under your headship and come Lord Jesus!


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