TRCC Radical Kids in Worship

“A deep sense of the unknown and the mysterious can rise in the soul of a sensitive child in solemn worship-if his parents are going hard after God themselves. A deep moving of the magnificence of God can come to the young, tender heart through certain moments of great hymns or “loud silence” or authoritative preaching. These are of immeasurable value in the cultivation of a heart that fears and loves God.”  ~Children Desiring God, The Family: Together in God’s Presence

We value our children as vital next generation agents of the kingdom of Jesus Christ, so we are intentional about their training from the investment in their first cross-cultural gospel work to their God saturated Sunday mornings to their inclusion on a scheduled basis in corporate worship.

These are not throw away times. These are opportunities to train and equip our children for greater things than the American dream. Don’t throw that away because it may be tough some days. It’s worth it. For the glory of God build the church!

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