The Wrath of God was satisfied…it matters

An old issue has once again reared its ugly head in my tribe of churches. The substitutionary atonement of Jesus is central to Christianity. In the 19th and 20th centuries it was an early target for the liberal theological movement coming out of Germany. Much of my early college years were spent learning how Jesus was not put on the cross by the Father to pay for my sin. Rather, Jesus served as an example of love to show mankind how to love each other. So that if we do the same we are “Christian”.

An attempt by some to remove a line from a song we all know has caused this issue to be revisited. Did Jesus die in my place for my sin, or did Jesus just serve as an example of self-sacrifice?

How you answer that question tells if you have believed the bible’s version of the gospel or man’s version of the gospel.

Although you may not be from my tribe of churches this issue is central for you. The attack against the nature of the gospel is central in the Evil One’s desire to pervert the message that will counteract the rebellion.

Take 15 minutes and read this article with some history and perspective on the substitutionary work of the cross. It will be devotional and informative and resolute building if you will read and commit yourself to knowing Jesus and making Jesus known.

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