Biblical Assurance of Salvation

Biblical assurance of salvation does not flow from a past decision or a prayer, but from the examination of one’s enduring lifestyle in the light of Scripture.
1. The evidence that we are born again is that we will live in the light rather than continue to walk in darkness. We will also enjoy fellowship with other Christians (1:7).
2. A true believer will live in constant confession of his sin by realizing the gravity and weight of his rebellion towards God (1:9).
3. If we love Christ we will keep his commandments. This also means that we will walk as Jesus walked (2:3, 2:6).
4. Christians should not love the world’s systems values, desires, or possessions (2:15).
5. True believers will endure faithfully until the end by continuing in fellowship with a local church where the gospel is being preached, God is worshiped, the sacraments are administered, and local and world evangelization occur (2:19).
6. No Christian can continue making a practice of habitual, willful sin and not continue to make growing strides in holiness (3:6).
7. True believers will not only enjoy fellowship with other Christians, but they will also LOVE them, even to the point of death (3:14, 3:16).
8. Christians should have compassion for the poor that is demonstrated by sacrificial giving of their own resources (3:17).
9. True Christians will love to hear the gospel proclaimed and God’s word taught (4:6).
10. True believers will be filled with the Holy Spirit which results in proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord (4:13, 4:15).
* The Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and the judgment to come.
* The Spirit confirms in our hearts that we know God.
* The Spirit guides believers in the truth.
* The Spirit glorifies Jesus Christ.
When is the last time you told someone else about your relationship with Jesus without them asking you first?

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