2012 and TRCC

Well, 2012 is upon us. The fact is, TRCC, that we are coming up on 10 years as a church. That is a testimony to God’s grace and purpose to and in us. It is NOT a testimony to our strategy and savvy. It’s in spite of our strategy and savvy, or lack thereof. TRCC is a living example of what happens when a band of people march unified toward a Godward mission as laid out in Scripture.

We have not made up some cleverly devised model to reach a particular demographic with shiny objects that attract. We have in fact held out the magnificence of Jesus and his global mission to build his church from all nations. We have sought to mold a local manifestation of that in Rome, GA that is reflected in how we do ministry and how we spend God’s resources from people to money.

We do believe the greatest thing we can do for God’s people, as under-shepherds of the Chief Shepherd Jesus, is to open Jesus’ word, help his people here from him, teach them how to hear from him and obey his leadership. This is how this little body, actually larger than the average church size in our town, has affected the world, literally, from Rome, GA.

In 2012, we will continue to point Jesus’ people toward the global mission of Jesus and equip them with his word to impact the world.

Here is some content that will be explored over the next few months to help us continue on the mission:

1. Haggai – Building God’s Kingdom: hands, heart, head

2. The Bible and Politics – How God’s people are to approach government, politics and living as a Christian in that context

3. TRCC distinctives – What is it that makes TRCC distinct?

So, if you are a TRCC member or attendee lets celebrate the goodness of the Lord and keep our eyes fixed on the mission of Jesus. If you are a person who is not connected to a local church, and a follower of Jesus and want to be connected to a mission that does not abort in Rome, GA, but has a global reality, then check us out. If you are not a follower of Jesus and want to engage in a discussion about Jesus, contact me.

Let us run the race hard and with perseverance!


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