Revelation 19:11-21 He Lives and the Kingdom Comes!

Revelation 19:11-21

He lives and the Kingdom comes!

Ye-ye-ye-yep, yes He’s Alive
From the dark to the light, sunrise
Everybody who be driven they thinkin’ that He’s gone
Gonna be in for a big surprise
Walla, uh huh, right there before they eyes
He’ll be back, aint cut no slack for the cats who try to hide
Lies; that’s what they say I drop, cats so lost
Caught up with they-selves but they rebel
Yes sir they gon’ be shocked-shock, clear

They dead now, can’t live just on that bread, naw
I chokehold what He said now I’m His pupil yes no retina
He done preached it from the mountain and three thousand all believed it
And He called me on the campus, and I answered and received Him
From the witnesses that seen Him, to the heathens who not preach Him
The proof is in the change; unashamed, that’s how we reach em’
And so I stand up, I will never stand down
Worship with my hands up, humbled by Him, man down
Yes sir, that is it, I will never call it quits
Pressin’ on, that’s how I know I’m His and that He lives

He lives
I-I-I am so glad He lives
My Savior He died, but He rose again
R-r-rose again, He’s alive
And now that I’m dead to my sin
In me is a place He can live
I’ll serve Him until He comes back again
B-b-b-back again, He’s alive
I’ll tell em’ that, I’ll tell em’ that He lives

What’s that gotta do with me, huh??
I’m just tryna stack my bread
I ain’t bother nobody or robbin’ nobody like I done just got out the feds
I heard what the preacher done said (what’s that?)
That Jesus popped outta the grave
But what does that have to do with me and all of these bills that gotta get paid?
And all of these mouths I gotta feed?
Plus my old lady complainin’
I’m tryna live kinfolk, although I see what you sayin’

But if you see what I’m sayin’, then you would know it is
Truth, positive that the God man really is, who He say He is
Took on human flesh and hit the Earth
Lived the perfect life, first, then He took that crucifix
Then He resurrected; that validated that He is God
Did you say Jesus is God? Yes I said Jesus is God!
So, what that means is, all, human beings is
His creation, we should praise Him for His patience then repent
All you gotta do now just confess
Turn from your sin put your soul to rest
He resurrected, you get forgiveness
Give Him your all and nothing less

Three days… Just enough to make these people say He gone
He wrong, He on His own, He left us here, we all alone
But naw… You got it twisted
Clear like the sky but I guess you missed it
But we ain’t done yet, ’til there ain’t none left, be
patient, hope you listen
Cause when He touch down, no replay
You should run now, no relay
Who can turn down, what He say? Man I’m turned up
Know He lay out the grave, that’s the reason I am saved

Not for rules so I behave, but so I can be remade
In His image, I am finished, period, minus the sentence
Through repentance in an instant
I’m so helped, call it Christian
Cause He lived, I know that’s real
You sayin’ prove it, peep the movement
Unashamed ’til the end, I’ll tell em’ that He lives


– Tedashii, He Lives


Perhaps the week has not been what it could have been. Perhaps the months or even the year or even the decade has not been what it could have been.


The very moment progress seems to get made things blow up. The very moment something important is about to go off, life blows up.


Perhaps we came here looking for solutions to problems that seem to never go away.


I want to offer you an eternal and non-material solution. It’s not a “how to” masterpiece. It’s a “what is reality” truth.


I’m convinced moments like that are too perfectly timed for it to be “coincidence”. It’s war.


First, if the God of the bible is, then there are no coincidences. There are only providential moments. The Lord has not relegated history on the grand scale and on the micro scale to anyone. Jesus opens the seals, remember?


Second, the war is NOT over the happening of events or even the timing of the events. The war is over how we respond to the events.


See, the war is over my worship. Because worship, you remember, is my response the revelation of his glory and majesty.


Satan’s deception to Adam and Eve was over his desire to be God and he led them into the same lie that they could be sovereigns, captains of fate, in charge and able to set the course.


Every event, thing or happening that threatens to remove my focus, desires, mission and ultimately worship (ultimately all these things are ways we worship) from Jesus is a craftily designed opportunity to shift my worship from Jesus to me.


See, when the mission becomes my own salvation from circumstances, I worship me. When my desires for things becomes stronger than my desire for Jesus, I worship me. When my mission becomes oriented to temporal events rather than eternal reality, I worship me. And when I worship me the Evil One is glorified by propagating his lie.

So, if I respond in doubt, mistrust and questioning its an epic fail in the war for worship.


But if I respond in treating the events and timing as peripheral (not unimportant), as opportunities to look up and see the forest in spite of the trees (see the big picture, a war for the praise of Jesus), as opportunities to see Jesus as ruler of my day, lover of my soul, pursuer of my life and good, sovereign over my day and even my hurts, then I can come and worship Jesus in word and deed and deal a grievous blow to the Evil One.


What do we need to see today? Help me see the forest in spite of the trees! Help me see Jesus as ruler of my day, lover of my soul, pursuer of my life and good, sovereign over my day and even my hurts! Help me come and worship in word and deed!


Lift up your head and see church! Salvation comes! Worship the King!


1. Jesus is making war and winning 19:11

A. Jesus never loses.

1. Even when there is an apparent loss, Jesus is really winning (see the cross)

2. When life seems to blow up, remember he is winning and you win with him

even if you die, you win!

B. Jesus is faithful and true


2. Jesus is King of eternity (many crowns) 19:12

As King, Jesus has not lost control over his creation and is ruling well.


Colossians 1:15-16


A. Jesus has resolve and passionate intensity in warring for his people (eyes like a flame of fire)

B. Jesus is knowable but not fully understandable (has a name but not a name he has chosen to communicate to us) (incommunicable attribute)


3. The Logos, Jesus, is an avenging warrior 19:13

Isaiah 63:1-6 is the place where Jesus is showing John what will take place.

A. Jesus is bringing justice to his enemies

B. Jesus is revealed as the source of truth


4. Jesus is in command of his church who have died and the hosts of heaven 19:14

A. Jesus’ returning forces include those who have gone to be with him (17:14 those doing battle

with Jesus are called “chosen and faithful”) see also 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

B. Jesus commands the angelic hosts of heaven to serve the church (Hebrews 1:14)


5. Jesus is a mighty warrior king 19:15

A. Sword

1. Probably not a literal sword, but imagery emphasizing the lethal power of his speaking.

a. In Hebrews 1:1-3 Jesus upholds the universe by his powerful word (speaking).

b. Jesus, in his powerful speaking, can deal a death-blow.


B. Iron scepter

1. Psalm 2 promises the Lord’s Messiah would rule with a scepter of iron. This

means destruction rather than ruling in a stern fashion.

Jesus not only leads the flock to green pastures but he will defend them against their enemies with crushing blows.


C. Treading the winepress

1. Wrath is part of the love of God. Anger comes because one loved.

Those who spurn the grace and love of God will get the righteous wrath of God.
“The two nouns normally translated ‘wrath’ or ‘anger’ are fount thirteen times in chapters 6 through 19. Any view of God that eliminates judgment and his hatred of sin in the interest of an emasculated doctrine of sentimental affection finds no support in the strong and virile realism of the Apocalypse.”[1]


6. Jesus is the universal sovereign 19:16

A. King of Kings and Lord of Lords


7. Jesus will conquer and judge 19:17-21

A. Jesus feeds his enemies to the birds (remember Ahab and Jezebel?)

1. Watch out for whose side you are on!


B. Jesus throws the beast and false prophet into the lake of fire

1. Jesus will judge the false and Satanic religious deceptions generated by Satan



So, when you are tempted to take the peripheral skirmishes and make them front and center, look up and see your warrior Savior, King, Lover of your soul, Guardian and defender, Jesus and “the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.”



[1] Robert Mounce, “Revelation”, NICNT (Eerdmans, Cambridge, UK 1977), p. 355-356.

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