Religious talk is deadly if definitions are not clear

One of the bothersome difficulties of talking about the Gospel in the context of today is “God” talk without defining who this “God” is. Much of Scripture deals with the problems of syncing the God of the Universe, Jesus, with other “gods” and their practices. Jesus went to lengths to define who he was. We must do this too and not assume that because someone is using “God” as their basis of agreement that we are talking about the same God.

Even in this southern context of Rome, GA many would say they mean the God of the bible, but the sad reality is they have never read their bible cover to cover, even once, and have made Jesus into a southern gentlemen with some divine power. This is a creation of their imagination.

Satan gets this. Satan is no fool. Paul warns the Corinthians about being aware of his schemes (see 2 Corinthians, yes read the whole letter).

Revelation 13 shows us the extent Satan will go to in order to deceive people, even in imitating the Tri-une God of the universe. Read Revelation 13 and this commentary by D.A. Carson on this chapter of the Revelation.

“The dragon, in his determination to annihilate the church, calls to his aid not one helper but two. The first beast comes out of the sea (1) showing its character as a sea monster like the dragon himself, and therefore demonic. The second beast comes out of the earth (11). This difference corresponds to that between behemoth the land monster (Jb. 40:15–24) and leviathan the sea monster (Jb. 41); in the prophetic and apocalyptic literature these creatures typify God-opposing powers (see e.g. Is. 27:1; 51:9; Ezk. 32). Consonant with this, the dragon, the beast from the sea and the beast from the land form a kind of evil trinity (see 16:13). Satan claims to be God; the antichrist is the christ of Satan; and the beast from the earth performs the function of an unholy spirit. The antichrist persuades the world to worship the devil; he has a fatal wound but lives (3), in a monstrous imitation of the Christ of God. The second beast seeks to persuade the world to worship the antichrist by his witness in word and deed, as the Holy Spirit witnesses to God’s Christ; and through the mark of the beast (itself a parody of the seal of God) he creates a devilish imitation of the church of Christ. So John depicts the world as divided between followers of the Truth and followers of the Lie.”[1]


Do you know the difference between the truth and the lie?

[1] D. A. Carson, New Bible Commentary : 21st Century Edition, 4th ed. (Leicester, England; Downers Grove, Ill., USA: Inter-Varsity Press, 1994), Re 13:1–18.

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  1. Wow!I think this is our biggest problem. We are telling each other how we are preaching the gospel wrong and this is satans tool to discorage those who are being obedient.You should not give your opinion until you have first presented the for people who haven’t read thru the bible let’s stop giving them study bibles and commentaries until they have read the bible thru at least. Twice.


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