Revelation 12: Satan’s war agains the King and his church

Woman = Eve / Israel / the elect of God who would have or give birth to the one who would crush the head of the serpent / the people of God / the church

– See Joseph’s dream in Gen 37:9. Probably a reference to Israel (of which Christians are made

part of in the Gospel)

– See Gen 3:14-15. Enmity put between Satan’s offspring and the woman’s offspring. This is why

there is conflict between those outside the kingdom and those inside the kingdom. Satan’s

children have innate animosity toward the people of God.


Child who rules the nations with a rod of iron = Jesus / the Christ / promised one who would crush the head of the serpent who incited the rebellion

– See Gen 3:14-15


Michael and his angels = angelic hosts of heaven who fight against the evil one and his armies

– See Dan 10:1-14


Dragon = Satan / accuser of the brothers / murderer / liar and father of lies

– See Rev 12:3, 9; John 8


In this tribulation period the war will intensify. However, the war is still intense today and real today.


Again, John’s purpose is to reveal Jesus as he is to the churches engaged in the battle. Likewise, we are in need of seeing Jesus as he is as we are engaged in the struggle.


Contextually, this is taking place during the period of “great tribulation” however this does not change the fact that the church’s battles are different before the “great tribulation”. The period of greater tribulation only increases the measure of difficulty for the church. It’s difficult now for the church and it will only be more difficult.


Revelation 13:10c “Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.”


1. The church is engaged in a titanic struggle for worship 12 (overarching point)

Ministries exist to reach people. People exist to bring Jesus glory (Isaiah 43:7). As it stands many do not bring Jesus glory. Those who do not glorify Jesus are Satan’s property (see 1 John 3, Eph 2, Genesis 2-4). Therefore, when we engage in ministry, that is truly ministry, we are getting into a fight in which we will probably get bloodied.


2. Father has won and has brought history to his appointed ends 12:4-6 (see Genesis 3:14-15)


3. The church’s struggle is not against flesh and blood 12:7-17 (Ephesians 6:10)

A. Satan’s identity:

1. Deceiver of the whole world 12:9

2. Accuser 12:10

3. Conquered 12:11

a. Conquered by blood of the lamb

b. Conquered by the word of their testimony

4. Angry for his short time 12:12

5. Pursuing the church 12:13

6. Makes war on the church 12:17

B. Church’s identity:

1. Status with Jesus is guarded 12:6

2. Elected, Called, Justified, and Glorified 12:11 (Romans 8:29-30)

3. Testimony laden 12:11 (testimony occurs 27 times in Psalms “edot” – what God

testifies to be his will)

a. Testimony refers to the stories of God’s grace in revealed purpose that remind, encourage and instruct

4. Pursued by a hater 12:13

5. Protected from condemnation and slavery to the evil one 12:14

a. Two great wings bring Exodus 19:4 and the Exodus up metaphorically.

b. Jesus cares for his people, although exposed, they are not enslaved but cared


6. Holding onto the truth of God and the Gospel 12:17

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