Revelation 5b-20: Worship the King

Revelation 1:5b-20

Worship the King


1. The Worship of Jesus for his Great Salvation 5b-6

Note the movement of worship in these verses. There is revelation of the grace of God in salvation in three movements (A-C) then there is the response of those who Jesus is revealed to.


This informs worship services: Revelation leading to Response!


Definition of worship: Worship is communion with God, in which believers by grace, center their mind’s attention and their heart’s affection on the Lord, humbly glorifying God, in response to the revelation of his glory and majesty.


A. Jesus has redeemed us from slavery to sin


B. Jesus has redeemed us through his blood (sacrifice on the cross)


C. Jesus has made us a Kingdom and Priests

1. The church is a Kingdom among kingdoms

2. The church has direct access to it’s great God


D. Jesus has glory and dominion ascribed to him from his thankful subjects

1. Glory – significance, weight, status

2. Dominion – present and significant force (kratos)


2. God Brings Himself Great Global Glory 7

Jesus is not just revealed to the church. Jesus will reveal himself to the whole world and every eye will see that He is King.


Matthew 24:30 says that when the nations see him they will mourn. The reason will be that they have not believed and they will know then that they have failed to honor this awesome king.


A. Jesus is revealed to Jews v. 7a


B. Jesus is revealed to Gentiles v. 7b


3. Jesus is the Awesome, Resurrected King: The Church’s Senior Pastor 8-20

A. Jesus is eternal and reveals himself to his people v. 8-11

1. Jesus is the beginning of history and also the goal of history v. 8


2. Jesus speaks and reveals himself to his servants as they worship in Spirit v. 9-11


B. Jesus the Resurrected Priest / King v. 12-16

1. Son of Man who receives universal dominion from the Ancient of Days

(Dan 7:1-14)

2. He is dressed like a Priest / King


3. His white hair speaks of his eternal reign (Daniel 7:9)


4. His eyes see all and they judge what they see (Daniel 10:6; Hebrews 4:12; Rev 19:12)


5. His voice is mighty and heard as an overpowering roar


6. He holds the hosts of heaven in his hand and they serve his will (Hebrews 1:14)




C. Jesus Comforts v. 17-18

1. Jesus has been raised

2. Jesus owns death and hell and we do not have to fear either one


D. Jesus Shepherds v. 13, 19-20

1. Jesus stands among his churches and rules them and the mission well


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