Internal Rest

Peace or internal rest only comes on me at the most vital levels when my mind and soul are set on the person and work of Jesus in the Scriptures.

I’m finding more and more that no matter how much I enjoy some particular thing and no matter how innocent and benign it is that I’m left feeling empty and somewhat disquieted.

I supposed that this is due to the work of the Lord to work on me from the inside out. The outside habits will only change when the desires on the inside change. Desire is a powerful tool in sanctification. We do what we desire, period. Whether it be sin or righteousness, we are creatures that operate on desire. This is why we stop reading our bibles or praying around January 15 or so because the resolution was based in guilt and not desire.

I suppose this is how the Lord Jesus is revolutionizing his relationship to me by changing my desires and allowing me to really taste what is reality regarding what I like and do. It’s becoming evident how empty things are apart from Jesus and why only Jesus is a well of water springing up to eternal life that quenches thirst. I like to try to quiet myself with many things, but ultimately it’s only Jesus that does the quenching.

I suppose that empty feeling is the proper result from trying to drink sand!

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