He is like a tree planted by streams of water…

I was reading my Psalm for the day and had a moment that was euphoric and convicting at the same time. Does that make sense?

Psalm 1:3 Go read it. You do the lifting. It’s good for you.

A tree planted by streams of water does not wither even in times of drought because it has a never-ending source of water and it continues to produce fruit even in dry seasons without tiring of its calling as a tree.

The Psalm says that the person whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and this person meditates on the LORD’S laws day and night is like that tree planted by streams of water that continues to produce and does not tire out.

Here is my question? When we tire of the work we are doing and fail to be productive in the work of the Lord. And all of our labors in righteousness are his work. Could it be that the reason is my source of delight?

It seems that the gas for the engine of work is delight properly placed. Delight in anything other than the law of the LORD (and that law teaches us the Gospel so I’ll conclude that my delight is in the Gospel) results in my going through lulls of service and work in which I’m “tired” “not productive” “burned out”.

Could the cure for old tired and dead ministry be delight in the Lord?

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