What is a pastor and what is his job 7?

If the church is to be global launching from the local ministry of the gospel, what must a pastor do to make this happen? Do you plant new churches that do this from the outset? Do you take time to turn a church with no global presence at all and is unwilling to learn? If a church is willing, what is next?

I’d like to see some thoughts on these questions and perhaps some more questions. Have at it!


  1. If a God-fearing pastor who understands the biblical purpose of the church regards the great commission just moved into the position of lead pastor, I believe there must be a time of education of the congregation as to the true biblical missions mandate to the church.

    Pastors more concerned about promoting themselves by climbing the ladder of ecclesiological hierarchy than about the true mission of promoting the Christ have done great harm.


  2. I don’t know if “a church with no global presence at all and is unwilling to learn” is really the church? Perhaps not, as it appears that most “churches” fall into this category. But Scripture is so clear on this point, so my question to them is WHY are they unwilling to learn.
    As for your question, my first instinct is to plant new churches that do this from the beginning, but the more I think about it, the more I think that both callings are crucial. Paul went to the Gentiles after a while, but Peter and James still spent a bulk of their times with the Jewish people. So yeah, both being covered are extremely important, perhaps equally for fulfilling the Great Commission.


  3. Great question.

    I think the first thing we have to do is demonstrate to our people that we, as pastor, have a global view of the kingdom of God and not just a view of our own kingdom. We must be willing to work with other churches in our communities to advance God’s kingdom, even if it may appear to be at the expense of our own at times.


  4. You have to do both! All of the church plants I know of have become at some point in their history dead! Even Paul’s! So, do we walk away from those who need the gospel, no. Do we spend more time opening up the scriptures where God is bringing fruit, yes. There has never been a church, (those who genuinley love the Lord Jesus), that is not willing to learn. The History of reformation is strong. We would be fools to think that there is only one way to do things, and ignore God’s hand in history.
    Mitch: How long with out a personal global involvement does a church have to go before you say, it’s not worth Pastoring?
    What percentage of people have to be willing to learn and desire global missional involvement before you walk away?


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