What is a pastor and what is his job 6?

How does a pastor guard sound doctrine and weed out false teaching? This is not a trick question. I’d just like to hear some thoughts from others that are proactive in nature.

Let the practicum roll!


  1. Clearly, the pastor is to go “Nehemiah” on the false teachers and contend with them, curse them, hit them, and pull out their hair. (Nehemiah 13:25) Homey don’t play dat.


  2. BTW…what *is* a “padtor”? Is that a pastor with a lisp? Just giving you a hard time, man. You know I love ya!


    1. I love it. It is a lisp. I hit a false teacher in the mouth and he fought back slightly injuring my lower lip. I then rolled him, locked in an arm bar, grabbed a tuft of hair and simultaneously yanked causing severe trauma to the scalp and elbow. You should have heard the swearing!


  3. I prefer the “rear naked choke” myself. You’re less likely to get punched. 🙂 BTW, he was probably swearing already before you grabbed him. That’s the “cool” thing for pastors to do these days. 😛


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